Convention Contacts

If you have questions or need assistance please e-mail the following people.

General info/questions: E-mail
Convention Co-Chairman:   Cathy Gardenias, K6VC & Kris Jacob, KC6TOD   E-mail
Registration: Kris Jacob, KC6TOD E-mail
Program Chair: Bill Kendrick, N6RV E-mail
DX station liaison: Joe Locascio, K5KT E-mail
Vendors / Prize Chair: Cathy Gardenias, K6VC E-mail
Audio Visual: Don Minkoff, NK6A E-mail
RV Liaison: Camille Sereni KB6KTV E-mail
Golf Tournament: Don Bostrom, N6IC E-mail
Webmaster: Jim Shryne, N6DHZ E-mail